Michael Miller & Andrew Leonard

Last Wednesday, MLC Advice Canberra hosted a dinner to mark Andrew Leonard’s retirement from financial planning.

It was something that was very important to me, because Andrew’s career deserves to be noted for its significance.

Andrew practiced as a financial planner in Canberra for over thirty years. In that time he changed numerous lives.

There are people in Canberra right now who are enjoying a comfortable and secure retirement, because of their hard work but also the sensible advice provided by Andrew and his team.

There are some in Canberra who have suffered a serious illness or injury in their lifetime. Because of Andrew’s sound advice and assistance in having good insurances in place, a health tragedy has not become a financial tragedy, and families have been able to survive, regain their health, and go on to live their lives.

Andrew Leonard’s contribution to MLC Advice Canberra is equally as significant. When I first started this practice in 2012, it was to look after many of Andrew’s clients and in particular their super and investments. I had been practicing as a financial planner for a number of years but it was the first time I had done so as the principal of my own practice.

We were fortunate to have spent the first nine months of the practice working out of Andrew’s office, while we looked for our permanent space. In this time, Andrew was an example of generous spirit, honesty and integrity. His example was an easy one to follow and continues to guide how we run MLC Advice Canberra.

In addition to super and investments, we are now looking after insurance for those clients of Andrew. They’re big shoes to fill but we plan to do so and can only hope that we’re able to emulate Andrew’s achievements.

Thank you Andrew, on behalf of your clients and the MLC Advice Canberra team.