I might be thrown out of the Financial Planning Association for this, but I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway.

Buying a coffee every day is not a financial crime, it could actually be one of the smartest financial choices you make on a regular basis.

There’s never a shortage of financial experts extolling the virtues of

If you just saved that $3.50, multiplied by 5 days a week, times 52 weeks a year, compounded at a rate of 5% pa for 20 years…

(here’s one example, and here’s another)

I often wonder about the authors. Do they really believe what they’re writing? Maybe they just don’t drink coffee.

I wonder, because anybody who takes a little bit of time out of their day, and yes a few dollars out of their wallet, understands that going for a coffee is about much more than the caffeine hit. It’s:

  • Five to ten minutes out of the office
  • The familiar sounds – the grinding of the coffee beans, the whirr of the espresso machine and the hiss of the steam wand
  • Seeing some non-work people: colleagues are lovely, but we spend a lot of time with them every day!
  • A connection to the local area where you spend so much of your time
  • A social connection when you go with or meet somebody else for coffee, the type of social connection that is good for your mental health and well-being

Sometimes a nice cup of coffee is just what we need to keep going for a little bit longer at work. I think this is what some of the gurus have forgotten: your work is what’s necessary to keep bringing in your income, a vital ingredient in any successful financial plan!

So take it from me: a genuine Certified Financial Planner®. You should celebrate your coffee break as a terrific choice for both your financial and mental well-being.

…and after that mini-celebration: give us a call on (02) 6247 1233 or email to book an appointment with a financial planner who lives in the real world!