I have a problem.

It’s not what the image above might suggest, I don’t spend too freely on the credit card and leave myself with crippling debt.

No, my problem is that if I don’t engage my brain when making a spending decision, my default is to be a tight-arse. I will look at the price of something that does what I need, and pass it over for something that is cheaper and doesn’t do the job properly.

So I’m a good saver, but a really bad spender.

The cheaper good inevitably doesn’t last as long, or I won’t use it as often – a cheap shirt that is poorly fitted will sit in the back of the cupboard because it’s not nice enough to wear out.

So this year I would like to make myself a better spender. Thinking more about my purchases to buy quality that lasts when it’s something that I will use repeatedly and get the chance to enjoy, and passing on the things that I will skimp on, only to find that I’m not going to use them because of their poor quality.

For me it’s about making a conscious decision, rather than just going with an automatic habit each time which doesn’t always lead me to the better outcome.

I’ll let you know how I go!

PS: if you suffer the same affliction as I do, you should consider checking out Larissa Ham’s website Hey, Little Spender. Larissa is a bit of a superhero in this space. She loves her travel and being able to work as a freelancer and has a laser-like focus on how she manages her money to be able to pursue these goals. If you need a bit of motivation you should start following her articles.