Menslink donation

Rolf Einhaus, Martin Fisk & Michael Miller (photo by Fiona Brammall)

One of the programs that we have in place here at MLC Advice Canberra is that every time a new client chooses us to provide them with financial advice, we also ask them to pick from a list of local charities to receive a donation that we make on their behalf each financial year.

One of those charities is Menslink, who support young men in the Canberra region with counselling, mentoring and schools programs. They’ve helped thousands of young guys get through tough or lonely times and develop into responsible, productive and contributing adult men.

The donation will go into Menslink’s mentoring programs and also to provide fuel cards for some of their mentors. These blokes not only volunteer their own time but also provide transport out of their own pockets to ferry their young guys to and from events. They’re quite literally going the extra mile for the young guys they are working with.